Safana is a family-owned firm that has evolved from its humble beginnings into a multi-industry conglomerate of companies renown for resourcefulness, reliability, innovation, quality and efficiency of our products and services.

In the years just after the millennium, Safana’s core event management service was surpassed in sales by our event equipment hire division. The subsequent separation of businesses birthed a portfolio diversification into companies and operations which now include real estate and private equity.

Our company advocates for sustainability, a fundamental prerequisite for our vision to harness potential, leaving the world a better place for generations to come. We achieve this through implementation of micro and macro projects with a head-hunted team of the most dedicated employees, contractors and associates who believe in our ethos and dream.

Whilst a fiscal return is excellent, there is often even greater joy to be found in doing work that impacts peoples’ lives. One of our philanthropic commitments, for example, is a signed resolution by our directors not to collect rent from one of every 50 units of residential housing we develop and operate, opting to house, educate, skill, counsel and mentor the family at our cost in its stead.

In similar spirits, our recycling and manufacturing subsidiary, Plustic Solutions International has prototyped school desks and building blocks made of recycled plastic waste. We aim to have in full mass production for sale to schools and builders by 2022.

Additionally, our event management division takes on at least one pro-bono event per annum. In the past, these have ranged from charity concerts in conjunction with local artists to intimate gatherings which celebrate a community hero.

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Our Leadership


Lydia Kaindi

Lydia Kaindi

Renown for her reliability, resourcefulness and meticulousness, our Chief Executive Officer is a serial entrepreneur adept in manufacturing, event organisation, interior design and real estate management. Hers is a powerful story of how one’s character can shape and drive their career.


Trevor Mwendwa

Trevor Mwendwa

Armed with a private equity background, an accolade in Development Studies, a trained eye for aesthetics and an unnerving focus on projects he is passionate about, our Director is a bold visionary with pedigree who has purposed to catalyse socio-economic progress through his work.